It’s Father’s Day: part 2

It’s 9am on Sunday – father’s day and I have just woken up. With our kids this is a rarity- usually I am up at 7:45 and my wife is up at 6ish.  I get up and take the kids to school or out to play and she goes back to sleep for awhile.

Since it’s father’s day they are making me coffee and pancakes.  They don’t know I’m up yet and I can hear them noisily working on it.  It’s so disgustingly cliched but it’s making me happier than you can imagine.

When I woke up I checked my email.  One of the first people to respond to my first post was a musician who also happens to be DC.  I went to the link she provided and was blown away by her music.  As I read about her and her work I was immediately struck by the fact that we would have been friends – and our bands would have played together 20 years ago.  One of the things I have been working on writing wise is that period of my life- and that part will play some small role in the film- specifically because that’s when I was a donor-

As I further looked at her site I realized that she is going to be playing in Brooklyn this week so I reached out to her and she got back to me.  I hope that I am able to film with her tomorrow to really jump start the process of making this film.

Now I’m going to go downstairs and appreciate being a father.

Oops- they yelled me back to bed- I got the breakfast in bed treatment-I had to get them to do it a second time so I could shoot a little video on my photo camera.

Later we had a fun day- and headed back to Brooklyn.  On the way back we got a phone call that a building near us had collapsed.  We were worried that the girls would be freaked out. F was. She got very emotional about the fact that people lost their homes and that they could have been hurt.  Also when we got home the singer that had contacted me came over.  She’s great and we did some heavy discussing that will certainly end up in the film.

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