Lori’s Story

Lori’s Story

One of our Kickstarter backers sent us this note, “I’m a former patient of Dr. Sarno (saw him in 2007). I went from stuck in bed in agonizing pain to back to work in two weeks. I am forever grateful for this life-changing experience, and THANK YOU for making this film!” We asked her to share her story with us – and here it is. Lori’s TMS Story: from January 2007 I first noticed a weird back pain after coming back from vacation in March 2006; just figured I had carried a heavy suitcase up and down some stairs. The next time I felt this it was accompanied by tingling/pain in my right butt cheek at the end of August–coming home from vacation again. Then I seemed to feel the butt pain more often. Had it badly returning from vacation AGAIN in November. Sitting in the airport, thinking about my son going back to his father that night, returning to work, etc I was very aware of the pain. The timing of this pain now got my attention and got me thinking. But then I was ok for a couple weeks. Around Thanksgiving I was driving and I once again got acute pain in my butt cheek and actually cried when I got home. I called my PCP and she told me to go to the ER. The ER said “sciatica, take this painkiller and steroid and go to your PCP.” 2 days later the PCP gave me a muscle relaxer. I was no longer able to go to work because I was in too much pain. During the 2nd trip to my PCP she told me to get an x-ray. They found nothing really abnormal, but the orthopedist I went to suspected degenerative disc disease and noticed what appeared to be herniated discs. Fortunately I had someone to drive me places as I was not in a condition to sit. Next I got an MRI which confirmed a “large” herniated disc at L5 S1 of course. Next I tried a steroid pack (talk about making me sick!), and physical therapy–which I hated! Since none of this worked and I was still in pain, I was left with the option of surgery: a discectomy. I have NEVER had surgery and don’t want to! At this point I was disabled. I was in so much pain that I asked my boyfriend to bring his gun over to shoot me. Yes, it was that bad. Dr. John Sarno had been mentioned to me here and there by friends. My sister-in-law brought me his first book when I asked her to come and do my dishes (I could not stand for more than about 30 seconds) and I read it right away! Very interesting. I also read Dr. Weil’s Spontaneous Healing book’s section about a man who had shattered discs in his back, saw Dr. Sarno, and he has no pain anymore!! Wow. Really amazing. Got to thinking that I suppose emotions could be causing some of this. Got Dr. Sarno’s other books and read them all with tremendous interest.

Very interesting happening: So it is now the end of December and the family wants to take a drive to Niagara Falls over the time off. I decided I was going too, if just to get out of the house! We arrived after a 7 hour ride and checked into a hotel. The rest of the family wandered around Niagara Falls area, but I stayed in the hotel room as standing for longer than a minute or two was an issue still. There is a favorite grocery store in Canada and I told the gang if we were all the way in Canada, we were going to Zehr’s. Amazingly I was able to walk up and down almost every aisle at that store with minimal pain, as I was engrossed in selecting all this good stuff I wanted to buy–and not thinking about my pain or anything else right then. As I got back in the car to leave, this thought really took me aback: “hmmm, I just spent 30+ minutes in a store walking very easily! VERY Interesting.” And in retrospect, it was surely proof that nothing structural was the problem!! I decided to call Dr. Sarno’s office to see if he still took patients and was elated that he did. I got a ride in to NYC to see him. Had to lie on the floor in the waiting room and office, but Dr. Sarno was great. I loved his conviction and enthusiasm for what he believes. He talked to me about everyday stresses, etc. and then did exam. Yup, each pressure point for TMS was sure tender. Also showed me how some of my reflexes were so good they could NOT be related to a herniated disc. Encouraging. Got the “program” and was so relieved the herniated disc was not the cause of the pain! Got started on my “list” and essay writing. Screamed, cried, cursed, etc. but got lots of emotions out. I was home all day, so I filled spiral notebooks full of essays. A few days later I could stand up longer. Sit yet? No. Easier to get around though. Within 1.5 weeks I felt a miraculous difference. I asked to be taken to the grocery store since I had not shopped for myself in six weeks. Walked through the store but toward the end had to lie down in the car. Ok, that was progress. I was happy. Next day I sat! I went to the store again and sat in the front seat of the car! Amazing! No pain! So since then I have slowly had pain go away. I still get a little annoyance in the tailbone area when sitting awhile, but I am sure it will go away as I’m not finished with my 4-6 week intensive writing program. I cannot say enough about Dr. Sarno. I must admit, emotions playing a role in physical health was no news to me as I had heard and read about this for years. I realize some people won’t buy into this as they feel it cannot possibly be that your anger, guilt, fear, etc. can cause the brain to cause pain. But I am a believer. I am proof this program works and am so happy I have been able to drive, go to work, and enjoy life again. Who knows where I’d be (recovering from surgery just to have more pain?) if I had not read his books and seen him. I am so grateful!

  • Rob Long
    Posted at 22:19h, 25 July Reply

    Fascinating –
    I studied Sarno back in 1999 and was cured of back pain.
    Years later I achieved too much than my Humility could handle. Then everything fell apart. First Occipital Neuralgia, Pain, Insomnia, then Stupid me went along with a C-Spine Epidural and since then – FLOORED! I barely can do anything. I feel like a stroke, head pressure, tinnitus galore. Yet the hard part is I have “imaging” that does show things – more than just Herniations, but Cervical Instability, Twisted C2 vertebrae. So it’s hard to know when is it Rage and when is it Real? I spoke with Sarno back in I think 2010 but didn’t follow through sadly.

    • Michael Galinsky
      Posted at 22:47h, 25 July Reply

      Rob, I hope you might look into one of the people who followed him. check out the TMS wiki for leads

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