Meadow and Milkweed

Over the last 3 months I have walked in the meadow behind my house almost daily.  I usually go in the early morning or the late afternoon, mostly because of the light.  Today I went a little bit late, after the sun had set for the most part.  After having been in the city for nearly 30 years it’s interesting to be so aware of the way the light changes each day and to observe the cycles of the plants, the insects, and the animals.

The milkweed pods started out as large green fruits and over the next few weeks began to dry out.  Soon some of the started to open.  I’m not sure what role the insects play in the process, but a group of orange and blag bugs that look a lot like cockroaches live inside select pods.

Later as the sun went down it lit up the vines and the leaves in the forest.

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