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Back to how to make this a film.

I ran into a friend the other day and I told him about how I was working on this film. For years now I have had a pretty clear sense of the first 20 minutes- so it’s kind of easy for me to kick off- but then it spirals into the unknown…

He quickly said, “Keep it simple.” I agree that it needs to be simple- but the issue is complex- and my feelings and thoughts are pretty explosive at this point so I am going to just keep on putting it down on paper- logging footage and planning.

This is going to be a multi-year process, but right now I feel like I am that guy who is supposed to set the pace for a race (the rabbit) – and I’m going a little too fast- there’s way too much coming out- and not enough time to make sense of it.

Over the last few years I have had some periodic problems with sciatica- pain in my leg and back- at times it’s been pretty severe- both times it’s gotten really severe i had a daughter that was about 1.5 yrs. old- and both times it stuck around for a little under a year. I KNOW that the pain is related to stress – and believe very firmly in the practice of Dr Sarno (healing back pain) – another doc we are trying to find a way to make- last October I had been suffering for a long time and I finally went to go see an acupuncturist at a store front in the E Village- I did this in the same week that i started to go to a pool. After 5 sessions in 7 days I was pretty much pain free for the first time in nearly a year. Since then, I have been pretty regular about going to the pool and riding my bike. For me the pool has been only partly about exercise- it’s more about meditating. I try to use that time to clear my head- I don’t have the patience for yoga (I would like to gain that patience) so in the meantime I kind of treat the swimming as if it were yoga- and do it very mindfully-

I also use this time to think about the projects I am working on – I’ve been flooded with thoughts for this film/blog/book and I am struggling to get them all down – so that I can make use of them- and I’m doing it imperfectly in this bloggy way- because I’ve found that it’s helped me to stay focused- it’s helped me to continue to be goal oriented.

I tend to put off a lot of things because I can’t complete them properly- or I psych myself out before I even start- I think – I won’t get that grant so why bother- etc
With this project I’ve decided to simply move forward at any cost- and so far it’s really helped me blast ahead- so again – forgive the bad grammar- the lost structures- this is all brainstorm so please continue to read at your own risk of….. boredom insanity etc.

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