New Interview for Donor 67

I have been extremely busy with finishing the Battle of Brooklyn- as well as taking care of my kids, so I haven’t had much time to focus on Donor 67. However, today an old friend, who i hadn’t seen in years stopped by. He was a donor in college and introduced me to the lab. A couple of years ago I made several appointments to film with him but had never been able to make it happen. I didn’t tell him what it was about because I wanted to capture his raw emotion as he processed his feelings about it.

So today when he came by I grabbed the camera and shot as we discussed it. It was a great conversation. In the end he realized that I was planning on using the footage in the documentary. He’s such a private person that he doesn’t have a facebook account. I assured him that I had no plans to shock him, out him, or make him look like a fool, so there’s a good chance it won’t make it in the film.

The good news is he’s getting married. Congrats!

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