on a shoot and sitting around

Today, I’m a stage dad. My daughter has started to shake off her anxiety and has agreed to be in a film that some friends are making. Because she was so hesitant to do it for a while, she is actually just a body double for someone who is supposed to have a twin sister. She’s having a blast.

It’s most exciting because for the last 6 months, we have been dealing with severe defiance and anxiety issues. They have been rapidly improving over the last couple of months. Perhaps it’s the exercises that we’ve been doing – and perhaps it’s just that she’s not in school anymore. In any case it’s incredible to see her reacting “normally” to mildly stressful situations.

Yesterday we went on a hike with some friends. She insisted on wearing crappy shoes and then got upset when they got soaked and muddy. She was having a fit but pulled herself out of it and ended up having a wild adventurous time. Unfortunately, her freak out led to a freak out by her younger sister.

She also dealt well with getting glass in her foot. She cried etc, but she allowed us to get it out.

In any case we are getting a sense of calm back that is pretty incredible.

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