One Step at a Time

One Step at a Time

We woke up this morning and did a 10 minute gratitude meditation

As it finished I reflected on the importance of practice, and how practice leads to growth and resilience. Every time I head out for a run I have to overcome my initial resistance. For the first half mile I almost always have a powerful desire to stop, coupled with a sense of depression and sadness, rising from my gut. One time, about a week ago, I gave in to that feeling and turned around and walked back. In that case I felt especially depleted, and recognized that I was perhaps pushing myself when what I needed was some rest. Still, I’ve been running regularly for several years now. As I’ve practiced, my runs have grown longer and more robust, but that resistance is always there. It’s a gentle reminder that things which come easy have little weight.

I’m taking some time this week to reflect on goals for the new year- so that I might be a bit more prepared to take those first steps with awareness when the bell tolls

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