photographing family

I’m a photographer.  I go through periods where I shoot a lot and fallow periods where I don’t.  I started out shooting film with a cheap Nikon and an even cheaper lens in the mid 80s.  Later, in the mid 90’s when I was a bit burnt out, I got a cheap point and shoot yashica T4 and shot hundreds of rolls of color film.  I got caught up with other projects and didn’t shoot seriously for some time.  Then I got a cheap digital camera and mostly shot family pictures and a few other projects.  A few years later I got a decent digital camera and shot like crazy for a while.  I lost interest in that and about a year ago I got an iphone5.  A few days later a friend showed me instagram and some tricks for making the camera work for me.  In under a year I have posted 5 thousand images to instagram.  I’m kind of a photo machine.

Last week my family and I headed to North Carolina for July, and possibly the year.  I’m working on fixing up my Mom’s house and settling in to focus on getting some long term film projects edited.  There are less obvious things to shoot here but it looks like it’s coming up family.

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