Spring Light Meditation

Spring Light Meditation


Yesterday I wrote about spring and “The Presence Process“. Today I once again walked in the meadow and took pictures. It was cold this morning and there was a hard frost on the ground. As the sun rose it burned off the frost in moments. When I saw this I knew I had a short window of opportunity because as the sun hits the frost crystals they explode like diamonds and quickly melt. The water droplets that form are heavy and ubiquitous. The combination of water, light, and crystals on grass can be stunning. I was not disappointed.


As I mentioned yesterday I am three weeks into the a 10 week mediation program. Yesterday Oprah and Deepak Chopra started a free 21 day mediation program. I have done a couple of their 21 day meditations in the past and gotten a lot out of them, so I decided to do that as well. Before the mediation they both talk about the goals of the practice. Today the discussion centered on light and lightness. AS Chopra pointed out nature renews itself effortlessly. The first few weeks of spring are a powerful reminder of this for me. Living on the meadow and slowing down enough to experience this renewal has brought me light and lightness.










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