I often think of that Talking Heads song that goes, “You may ask yourself, where did I get this beautiful car, where did I get this beautiful wife, how did I get here?” The older I get the more prophetic it is. Simple decisions, such as what neighborhood to live in have such profound impacts on our lives, who we know, and how we see the world. I really am often flabbergasted by it all.

I was just thinking of it as I worked on arrangements for my younger daughter’s afterschool program. All of a sudden I have a third grader and a girl in pre-K. How did I get here? It really does seem like yesterday that we were thinking about having a second child.

We are also in the midst of finishing a film that we have spent 7 years working on. 20 years ago the thought of working on anything for a year didn’t seem possible. How does everything end up taking so long now that I’m older? Our older daughter was 1.5 years old when we started. She wasn’t even in day care yet.

The other night I was shooting some video of a friend’s band. A 20 year old friend came to help out. Before the show I was talking to a friend and realized that we had gone on tour together nearly 20 years earlier. My young friend pointed out, “I was 2 or 3 then.” ouch.

I don’t mind getting older, and I have few regrets about the decisions I’ve made about how to live my life. Still the slow cold creep of age is tricky, and David Byrne understood that before I did.

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