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People sometimes share their stories with us. I woke up to this one today and it was very moving because it reflected what our hopes were for the film- that it would help people to heal- but that it would also be a work of art.

Hi Michael,

Today I watched your documentary about Dr. Sarno for the second time. Again it brought me to tears. I have been in pain for 10 years now, being confined mostly to my house and having to lay down. I have been working on the material of Dr. Sarno since I first saw your documentary end of February. I slowly start to be able to do more although now my stomach pain has kicked in too. It is a long road and I got discouraged this week, so I decided to buy instead of rent your movie and keep it as a reminder.

What really helps me is to see your personal struggle and vulnerability that you dare to show on camera, it really seems to capture the essence of what it is to work with yourself on these underlying themes in our life. Beside the message, your personal way of filming is so touching. You really bring us close to yourself and your family. Having lost my father 10 years ago (the pain started at his funeral) I could relate so much to your pain and the beautiful and honest way you show him in this movie.

Thank you for bringing your work and that of Dr. Sarno to the world, you are a true artist. – Auke

We wanted the film to be an artistic endeavor but also a healing one. For people who judge films through a frame of expectation “All The Rage” generally gets dismissive reviews- because it doesn’t do what is expected of it. From a film world One festival watched 20 minutes and refused to show it explaining that it was “purely an activist film”. Most of the mainstream reviews complained that the personal story overwhelmed the film. What they didn’t understand was that the personal story was woven in slowly overtime because it became clear that it was the best way to get people to connect to their own emotions. I can tell you clearly that after dozens of screenings it is this aspect that helps people to have life changing responses to the film. Often though they need just a little push to accept those feelings that have arisen.

I believe that testimonials like this – and another that I will post below that just came in to Steven Ozanich on a TMS Facebook forum- can have a powerful healing effect for both the people who read them- and those who write them. Please share your stories with us via our Facebook page- because we want to share them with others. The act of writing them helps you to solidify the experience and the reading helps others to get past their own doubts. Don’t be afraid to discuss the difficulties – and don’t hesitate to write even if you have only made limited progress- the act of recognizing that progress is powerful in itself.

Here is what I responded to Auke with-


Wow – such powerful and welcome words. I have great faith in where you are at from what you say. When I show the film people often come up to me afterwards and say, “I don’t mean to bother you.” Most of the time when that happens I can feel the energy that the film has dislodged kind of stuck in their chest. I asked them if they feel it too, and invariably the nod yes. I point out to them that the reason that they’re telling me about it is because in some way they need it acknowledged that it’s there and seen. Then I let them know that they can let it go. It feels stuck because their impulse is to push it back down. I tell them that if they instead breathe it out it will help a great deal.

Even though we are many miles away I have that same sense right now. I believe that the film helped bring it up for you and I can kind of feel it hanging around in your chest struggling to both be released and be pushed back down – this is the war within. When you mention that the pain happened at your father’s funeral you acknowledge fully and completely that the pain you feel has an emotional basis. You know this, and yet it isn’t exactly doubt that keeps you from embracing this understanding but instead that same unconscious need to repress that’s causing confusion.

When Dr. fienblatt told me to be good to myself when I was stuck on the floor I had a hard time understanding what that meant. Now I do, and I hope I can help you understand it too. Please let go of any self judgment you might have about yourself, about feelings, about the past, about anything- and just love yourself like a baby that has done no wrong. I want you to be with this thought -that at all times we are truly doing the best that we can – and that’s really all that we can ask of anyone else or ourselves. When we think of others as doing the best that they can – even if that best is pretty awful – then we can let go of judgment for others – which is freeing of ourselves – because in many ways all judgment of others is judgment of ourselves.

Honestly man I think just based on your communication that you are way way way closer to being wildly better than you can even imagine.

Like my father- I am sure that yours was not perfect – and that your pain is partly related to that relationship- we all carry the burdens of our forebearers- we can also put them down – let them go
I can’t wait to hear about how much better you are doing in the coming weeks – there will be ups and downs but head towards that freedom

Here is the note that was shared with Steven Ray Ozanich on a page devoted to his work helping others to understand the work of Dr Sarno. His book “The Great Pain Deception” has been a godsend to many.

Hi Steven,

A couple of years ago I faced the worst ever pain that I had in my life. Doctors (three) told me that I needed surgery in my back and that I was never going to run again. There were 3 hernias affecting the nerve (they “said”) with pain in my leg that didnt allow me to even walk. Pain didn’t give me breaks. I woke in the middle in every, every single night with terrible pain.Weeks later I found and read Dr. Sarno book. And began to understand what doctors said didn’t have to be true… Then somehow I read your book. And when you described how you started to run and exercise through pain and agony… I took the determination to do the same. First was painful…but I started to feel better, slowly but constant. In the meantime, you were so kind to solve doubts that I was having answeing my emails. And I will never forget that.

Well, two years later I have completed one of the toughest races in the world. Spartan Race Ultra in the Pyrenees mountains. More than 3500 positive meters and 60 obstacles. 14 hours running and lifting weights. Free of pain. This medal is for you. I will never forget your help.

Please share your stories with us so that we can help others to find pathway out of their pain.

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