We Have the Science

I think a lot about science, but not the way most people do. I believe that there is a lot of knowledge to be gained through the scientific method, just as there is a lot of knowledge to be gained from the Bible. That is to say that both tell us important stories about life, but neither of them tell us everything. The Bible (or insert another religious text here) gives us great insight into spiritual matters. The journal “Science” gives us great insight into the nature of the physical world. However, I don’t believe that either provide us with an unerring structure by which we should live our lives. My point is that without accepting the connectivity between matters of the heart/gut and the brain we fall out of balance.

I believe our medical world has fallen out of balance, and ignores the emotional, and spiritual, aspects of our health. These things are cyclical. As Dr. Mate points out in this clip below (and as Dr. Sarno repeats throughout our footage), we used to know that our emotions affected our health, but we’ve since forgotten, even though we now have the science to prove it.

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