Wet Meadow

Wet Meadow


It rained last night, and it’s cloudy. My favorite time to take pictures in the meadow is when the sun is just starting to rip past the trees. When it’s cloudy it’s often hard to find things to photograph because the flatness of the light makes it difficult to separate the foreground from the background; everything is kind of a flat mess. Water changes that equation a little though, because even when it’s cloudy the droplets draw attention.


In this case the flat light works better because the sun creates such extremes it’s often hard to capture the water. The first thing I spotted this morning was a drop of water slowly rolling off a leaf. I like the way that leaves and light create layers.


Over the past few nights I have begun to try to organize all of the images I have made in the meadow during the last two years. It’s interesting to see how my work progressed. At first I was shooting a lot with an eye towards color. Over time though I have come to see the work entirely in black and white. I shoot in color so that I have more control in post, but I’m thinking in terms of shapes rather than colors. Sometimes the color images are gorgeous, but they don’t feel like they are a part of this project.


I love the way the milkweed transforms. This is the first time I noticed a flower halfway through the process of opening. If you look closely at the bottom of the image you can see a ladybug. I put a red filter on it because it makes the lines pop more- but it reversed the red on the bug to the point that it looks like an albino.


The water was very nice this morning

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