What I Read On A Regular Basis

This morning while biking my daughter to camp, I passed an old friend who is a writer. He now works at a NY magazine that I used to subscribe to. It’s a weekly that’s filled with all kinds of fun things to do in the city. Instead of doing any of these things I ended up feeling bad that I was missing them all- and that was before having kids…. Since it was a thick weekly and I tend to not throw things out, they piled up everywhere. I also used to get the NY Times delivered. In addition to it piling up, I couldn’t keep myself from reading it cover to cover so I never had any time. He was a bit down on the job because it’s less writing than editing. At least he’s got a job….

Now I just get the New Yorker and The Sun. The Sun is a weird animal. It takes no ads, and is filled with vaguely uncomfortable writing that’s just a little too personal. I like it. One of my favorite writers, Sparrow, regularly publishes pieces in the Sun. They also run a lot of interesting photos, and in the past they ran some of mine. We’re both from Chapel Hill so i feel some kinship with it as well. I just thumbed through an over-thumbed bathroom copy and came across an article about the role of positive energy in our lives. Like a lot of articles in the Sun, it helped me to do a little perspective taking.

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